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Everything in the garden is lovely

So far this spring we have had a good mix of warm sunny weather and enough rain to keep the plants happy. The garden is bursting with life and new flowers are opening each day.  The climbing rose Mme Alfred Carriere is growing like crazy over the pergola by the summerhouse. She has only been in for a year but seems to be a vigorous girl!


The Nepeta ‘Walkers Low’ is looking abundant and overflowing in the front garden, some white fox-gloves have self-seeded nicely in amongst them, we haven’t had white ones in the garden before but they are very welcome.



Aquilegias and Primula bulleyana also rather lovely at the momentIMGP6621



I find that around this time of year that my mind is just filled with thoughts of plants and gardens, it is like having a horticultural screen-saver in my brain at all times – obsessed? – well maybe a little bit,



I feel the need, the need to read!

Something that is bringing me great joy this year is my re-discovered love of reading.  I have spent the last couple of years reading gardening and horticulture books (mainly due to studying) and the only fiction I have read is of the very ‘lite’ variety, easy to read and instantly forgettable. 

While browsing on Mumsnet one day, as you do when you should be at least attempting to clean the house or do something constructive, I came upon a thread entitled ’50 book challenge 2014′  (which is pretty self-explanatory) and thought I can do that, it involves sitting down – always a bonus and avoids me having to venture out into the cold.  

I even bought myself a Kindle which is something I swore I would never do, being a bit of a book purist.  I justified this to myself on the grounds of not having enough room on our book shelves for another 50 books so this way I could read loads and not increase the clutter.

So far I have read 5 books in two weeks which is pretty good I think, I am very attached to my kindle and have been known to stroke it lovingly when no-one is watching. I feel excited about all the new books and authors I hope to discover in the course of the year.



Normally at this time of year I am eagerly sorting through my seed packets wondering which ones I can get away with sowing so early.  I am out in the garden cutting back and tidying up looking for signs of spring.  Not this year …… I just do not know where my gardening ‘joie de vivre’ has disappeared to. All I want to do is snuggle up in my cave and read books (not even gardening books).  I do not even have the excuse of the weather being too bad – it has been quite wet but I could still go out if I really wanted to.  The urge is just not there.  Hopefully soon the sap will begin to rise and my propagators and cold frames will be full of seedlings again.